Thursday, May 04, 2006

Humans !!!

I have been thinking about humans, humanity....What does make humans so different from the other species?? Is it being able to stand on two legs? Is it the brain size? Is it the opposing thumb? Or did the "God" make us special to begin with?

Physically, I found humanity lacking in all aspects. Humans are neither the strongest nor the fastest. The brain, humanity struts aruond as proof of superiority does not really seem to be so smart. Ain't this the same species that destroys all its surroundings, eliminates other species for fun, makes life difficult not only for themselves but for is cohabitants of the same planet. Smart eh !! (Dont you just feeeel for this species?? Soooo caring n nurturing. I lovveeeee humans)

May be "God" made them special. (well thats what they have written in all the religious texts, havent they???) Since all religious texts say the same thing, it must be true, correct ? (God, u r the greatest linguist I have ever known, n by the way when did you get the time to write all these different religious texts? Or did you hire a "Ghost witer"? ) Ah !! but I forget, humans wrote these texts themselves, didnt they? Well, if u guys out there notice any special marks or signs that prove it do tell me, I haven't noticed them. Apart from humans claiming to be the special ones, I have not noticed any indications to it. So till you guys can show me some indications, excuse me if I dont find you God's specials.

Do I find humans special? I think they are unique if not special. In them I find an amazing mix of mediocre capabilities, when used to gether surpass most individual physical attributes. I like to call humans the "Master Mediocres". What distinguishes men is their thirst for knowledge. To learn more than is required to earn their daily meal. The want to learn for the sake of learing is an amazing quality.

Will add more to this later. till then keep learning.....

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